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Lindsey Adelman

Lindsey is an extremely talented and innovative lighting designer based in Brooklyn New York.  From her studio come creations that are both sensual and practical. Constantly innovating she raises lighting to a whole new level.

Lindsey Adelman

She has won international recognition for her designs and her lights adorn the homes of celebrities who particularly appreciate her use of the unusual such as a brass coated original clamp.

Clamp Pendant by Lindsey Adelman

She is constantly innovating and has moved into other areas of design including jewelry and small decorative items.



A New Meaning of Wallflower

Tracy Kendall is a designer based in London England.  She is turning the definition of wallpaper on its heads she looks to mundane items and elevates them to the status of wall art.


Buttons, jigsaw pieces and sequins all become items of desire without overwhelming the space they enhance.


You will find her work in private homes, hotels and retail situations.  She is often commissioned to do installations for special events as well


Jeff Nimeh

Every so often one is fortunate enough to encounter an artist whose work stirs the soul.  Such is the case with Jeff Nimeh.

Jeff Single Vase in Water

Originally from Brooklyn, Jeff has moved his studio to Kyoto Japan where he plans a two year sabbatical to study new techniques and create new work.

Jeff Nimeh Magic

Working mainly in Black and White, he is also introducing indigo blue and acid green with great results!

indigo and green

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